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Please read reviews of actual patients at Sam Dental, as well as listen to a number of video clips of their testimonials. The following Tijuana dentist reviews were sent in from patients who came to our dental clinic in Tijuana. You also can send us a patient review to be posted here on our website, or if you like, click on this link: ReviewTrail – Sam Dental Tijuana, to be able to go on to an independent website that receives reviews to post about many dentists in Tijuana..

“When I mention my experience with Sam Dental, I’m so enthusiastic that even those who follow up by asking me a probing question as to the legitimacy of, or how did I find such a dental practice in Tijuana find themselves asking in a half-baked manner. I tell them I found you by being driven by great need to find a place I knew from my heart I could trust. I also tell them that if I had not been comfortable it would not be the first time I’ve got right out of a dentists chair and asked how much I owe just because my heart says this is not the right place for me.

The moment I met Dr. Francisco Javier Villa I felt he was more like a brother, a direct relative who was about to put everything on hold for me. And that he did. I have met and worked with dozens of dentists in my time from NYC to Paris, France, Los Angeles, and Dr. Francisco Javier Villa like those rare people who are naturally gifted, know their touch, and give to each a calm penetrating focus, Dr. Villa is an exemplar. I would recommend Dr. Villa to any human on this planet. I had far more work done than ever before by the top dollar dentists I’ve always throught meant top quality work. Dr. Villa cruised through the 3+ hours far more efficiently and quietly than I thought was possible. And you want to talk about cool, Dr. Villa just happened to have music playing at the perfect volume. And it was the best of the best of Pink Floyd. For 3-hours. Perfection.

Is the American dental establishment way overpriced? Let me leave it at having glossed over some of the prices I’ve paid over the decades and my blood started a slow boil. After my first experience at Sam Dental, and I do mean the entire staff included I say to you, they deserve respect. They are exemplars of my new paradigm of what the dental practice should and will be more and more so.

I will be back in Dr. Villa’s chair in a few weeks and for the first time in my life with no trepidation, no low murmur of fear. I see myself in the chair and feel calm as can be. Believe me. I do nobody’s bidding. And as far as dental process, I take it straight up serious.”

– Dean Chamberlain, after my appointment on March 26, 2014.

More Testimonies

  • “To the staff of Sam Dental, I want to say thank you for my pleasant dental session. It’s the best dental session I’ve had in my life. The location of the clinic is very close to the border and it was only a short cab drive for me. Once I entered the Dental Center, warm, bright colors welcomed me. Dr. Aylema Rodriguez was the one who attended to my case and she was very attentive, sweet and was very professional. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. I would definitely recommend the services of this dental center to everyone I know.”
    – Dyno Don of Chamberlin

  • “Jim, I was really lucky to meet you and your staff. Thank you for making my dental experience a pleasant one. You’ve definitely beaten any of my experiences here in the U.S. when it comes to dental care. I was treated like royalty in your clinic. I’m so happy to have met doctors who take a lot of pride in their work. I’ll recommend you to everyone I meet.”
    – Barbara M., Florida

  • “Hi, my name is Armon. I’ve been missing a few front teeth, and due to the high cost of services here in the US, I turned to dental tourism and visited Sam Dental Clinic in Tijuana. I wasn’t disappointed. After going around and looking like Alfred E. Newman of the MAD Magazine, I finally decided to see Mexican dentists. I found Sam Dental Clinic from researching online, and was glad that I did. From previous consultations with local dentists here in the US, I knew it was going to cost quite a lot of money to have a bridge installed. I was pretty surprised when Sam Dental Clinic quoted a price that’s only one-fourth of the price here in the U.S., perhaps even less. I had four extractions and they were all pretty painless. I was expecting something to go amiss because of the low price, but nothing like that happened. The dentist tools were all sterilized before they were used on me. The chairs and other equipment were state-of-the-art. Even the dentists, most of them, if not all, spoke and understood English. Language barriers were not a problem at all. I’ll recommend Sam Dental Clinic to my friends and everyone I meet.”
    – Armon T., Ramona, CA

  • “I had a lot of dental work done, and I’ve heard about the dental clinics in Tijuana, Mexico, which offer lower prices for dental services. Friends and family were against me and my wife going to Tijuana due to the rumored security risks. However, the HUGE price differences of dental services between here and in Mexico pushed us to take a look at Tijuana’s services, anyway. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the place was actually pretty safe. We chose Sam Dental Clinic because of the good reviews online. It was also only three blocks away from Hotel Ticuan which charged us only $50/night for our stay. The rooms were decent and the food was good. We never encountered any security threats and even walked to and from the clinic without feeling afraid. At the dentist’s clinic, we were pleased to find the place so clean. Their equipment was state-of-the-art, and the staff was warm. All the dentists were professional, and they had a “can do” attitude which made us feel good about our decision to push through with the trip. To top it all off, the cost of our dental treatment was only ¼ of what it would normally cost here. It would be difficult for anyone to find services better than the ones they offer at Sam Dental.”
    – Bob and Marge Rago, Las Vegas, NV

  • “I really doubted the capacity of Mexican dentists before I went to Sam Dental Clinic. Having met Dr. Aylma Rodriguez, and having gone through an excellent root canal procedure and having bridges installed to top it all off, I don’t think I’ll spend any money on dentists here in Las Vegas again. She’s great. She asked about my budget, and presented me with options. I never felt like I had to be forced into paying for a procedure I couldn’t afford. Their services cost way lower than the services here in the US too! I will fly to Tijuana and go to their clinic for another dental procedure, anytime. The staff was great too!”
    – George, Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA.

  • “Sam Dental completely changed the way I feel about dental tourism. I was a skeptic at first because I thought that cheaper dental services meant poorer services. Boy, was I wrong, and I’m glad I was wrong. Dr. Aylema Rodriguez and her staff surpassed my expectations. She was one of the most professional, receptive, and beautiful dentists I have ever encountered. Sam Dental Clinic is also located pretty close to L.A., in Tijuana, which is pretty close to my hometown. I figured, if I wanted to get my teeth done, it might as well be in Mexico. Mind you, I was prepared to be a bit disappointed. I wasn’t. I would certainly recommend Sam Dental Clinic to anyone I know. Their services cost only a fourth of the services back in L.A.”
    – Shirley G., L.A., CA

  • “Dr. Aylema Rodriguez was amazing! I came to Tijuana without much expectation because the dental services they posted online cost only a fraction of what it would cost here in California. Boy, was I in for a surprise! I had four extractions, all painless, and a root canal. I also had dental implants done for less than $10,000. I was so happy and excited to show my husband my new smile, I just had to Skype him before I flew back to California. I was also safely shuttled to and from my hotel by their courteous staff. I recommend Sam Dental to all my friends. In fact, I’m already planning my next trip, this time for some whitening. Since their services cost so little, and my experience was very good, there’s no reason for me not to improve my smile!”
    – Samantha, Sacramento, CA

  • “My husband and I were trying to dodge the high cost of having teeth done here in the U.S. and this is how he found out about Tijuana and its many dental clinics which offer services for much lower prices. Based on good reviews on the Internet, he decided to choose Sam Dental Clinic. He went alone at first and had some of his crowns fixed. He was raving about the clinic when he got home, so I decided to come with him on his next trip. I needed to have my bridge done as I had lost it many years ago. When I asked dentists here at home, the cheapest quote I could get was $2600. I was so happy when Sam Dental Clinic only charged me $650 for it. All of the dentists were very professional. The dental clinic’s equipment were very good too. I was hesitant to go to Tijuana at first because of all the rumors I’ve heard about Mexico. However, my husband and I felt very secure when we visited the place. The clinic staff treated us like VIPs, and we were shuttled from the airport, to the hotel, to the clinic, and back. It was an overall very pleasant dental vacation.”
    – Ruth E. Ogden, UT

  • “Hi! We migrated to California two months ago and everything was fine until we needed to have our teeth done and discovered that the price of dental services here in the US is skyrocketing! I asked our neighbors for help and they pointed me to Sam Dental Clinic. I had my consultation a month ago and my first procedure last week. I had two missing front teeth and had to have implants. Everything went smoothly and I’m not bankrupt yet! Thank you, Sam Dental! I thought Tijuana was going to be scary but no, it was pretty safe. I won’t hesitate to go there again!”
    – Timothy, L.A. CA

  • “I didn’t know how to have my son’s front teeth fixed. He had an accident two years ago, and he has had three front teeth missing ever since. He’s only 14 and his classmates often teased him. He can’t smile properly, and can’t talk to the girl he really likes. His older brother approached me a month ago and convinced me that his little brother needed to have his teeth fixed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford the services here in the US. Thankfully, we came across Sam Dental Clinic and we found the prices for the services much more affordable. We just came from a consultation a week ago, and we’re due for his first procedure this week. We’re confident, after having met the staff and the dentist, that all will go well. Thank you for existing, Sam Dental!”
    – Coney A., Colorado.

  • “I haven’t had my teeth checked in 10 years because of the high costs of dental services here in Nevada. Unfortunately, aside from needing to see a dentist because my teeth already looked bad, my gums were also killing me. I quickly asked around about the best dental clinics in Tijuana, because that’s where there are cheap dental services. I was willing to go to Mexico just to have my teeth done. Sam Dental Clinic was recommended to me more than five times, from people who didn’t even know each other. After my consultation and root canal, I can see why! The dentists were warm but very professional, and the clinic was state-of-the-art and clean. I’ll come back again and recommend the clinic to all of my friends!”
    – Wally T., Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “Warm staff, competent doctors who actually listen, and service for VIPs! I certainly was not expecting that when I saw their price list online and how ridiculously cheap their services were compared to the dental services we got here in the West Coast. Sam Dental Clinic will get only praises from this happy client! I’m bringing all my friends to your clinic because you cost only a third or a fourth of what we’re used to paying here. Great job, though! I’ve never been prouder of my smile. Thanks Sam Dental!”
    – Tina F., California

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