Tens of thousands of people go as dental tourism patients to Tijuana, Mexico. This is because of the sky rocketing costs of dental treatments in the USA. Since the economy is down, the job market is weak, and many people either have poor dental insurance, or no insurance, it just makes sense to look at alternative sources for quality, yet affordable dentistry. There are several things to consider before choosing a dentist for your dental tourism needs. Prices for dentistry are just one factor, but quality of service is the most important thing to consider. Of course we recommend Sam Dental in Tijuana Mexico as the best alternative for dental tourism in Mexico, or even the world. Noted below are the virtues of choosing Tijuana as the superior destination for dental tourism in Mexico.

Tijuana is the best location dental tourism is Mexico: Tijuana is the most accessible destination for dental tourism because of its proximity to San Diego and Los Angeles, California. This makes it is an easy choice. It is easy to take a trip to Tijuana for dental work. We have many patients, not just from Southern California, but from Florian, Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Chicago, and all over the USA. It is inexpensive to fly to San Diego, and simple to get to the border. Our patients will either take the light rail train to the border, where we pick them up, or we can arrange transportation from the San Diego airport. The clinic is just 25 minutes away. All our Tijuana dentists can speak English, and Jim, our patient coordinator is from the USA. We understand your need and concerns, and are able to take very good care of our dental tourism patients..

Why even think about dental tourism destinations in faraway places like Singapore, or India, or Costa Rica, when all you have to do get to close by San Diego to easily cross over to Tijuana? Especially, when your dental work requires more than one trip, like for dental implants, a dentist in Tijuana is much more convenient for dental tourism. Not only do some treatments, like oral surgery, infected teeth requiring root canals, or dental implants surgery, require more than one trip, but there are times when dental work has to be repeated. We not only guarantee our dental work in Tijuana, but since we are so easily accessible, it is not the hardship it would be to have to come back, like it would be to some other location in the world that promotes dental tourism.

Costs for dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico: The cost for using a Tijuana dentist is minimal, when compared to the prices charged in The USA. At Sam dental, we average less than 35% of what US dentists charge for the same quality of dental work. We charge just $295 for a standard porcelain crown, while in the US the same crown can cost you over $1000. Our dental implants in Mexico, complete with abutment and crown, will cost $1285, while in the US, they will charge over $4000. Especially, when considering the additional travel expenses to other dental tourism destinations, coming to a dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, is certainly the most cost efficient place to come.

High Quality dentistry for dental tourism patients in Tijuana Mexico: Tijuana dentists are exceptional in their experience, training, and skill level. Our Mexican dentists are some of the best dentists in Mexico, are excellent for dental tourism patients. Because they work with so many US patients, they have all developed a good proficiency with the English language as well. In Mexico, the Ministry of Health keeps a close eye on the Mexican dental clinics, and we have inspections on a regular basis. Everything must be kept up to code and the standards are very high. Our dental patients have nothing to worry about in the area of sanitation, and health. Our Tijuana Mexico dentists have superior training, having studied an extra year more than US counter parts. The Mexico dentists have a lot of experience, due to the high volume of patients that come to take advantage of dental tourism in Mexico. We also give a guarantee for our Tijuana dentist work here in Mexico. We will replace any lab dental work, if it fails, here in our Tijuana dentist office. We are not afraid to guarantee our services, because we do excellent dentistry to begin with..

Tijuana is a SAFE place for Dental Tourism in Mexico:: Because of media hype, and the tendency to paint everything with the same brush, there are a lot of misconceptions about coming to Tijuana for dental tourism. People have been told a lot of exaggerated rumors about safety issues in Mexico. The first thing to remember is that Tijuana is NOT Juarez, or anything like it. Also please remember that the media tends to hype things and exaggerate in order to make a story. The true facts are, Tijuana is a SAFE place. The violent crime rate in Tijuana is actually the same as San Diego, which is considered to be Safe. Los Angeles has more than 2 ½ times the violent crime rate as Tijuana, Chicago is 4 times as violent, and New Orleans has more than 6 times the violent crime rate. As mentioned, people hear rumors, exaggerate things in their mind, and coupled with the insecurity that people have at the idea of being where people speak a different language, make people afraid. But once our dental tourism patients come to Tijuana, see the beautiful part of town where we are located, enjoy staying in a very nice hotel, and dine in some excellent restaurants, they begin to feel very much at ease..

Why Sam Dental is an excellent choice for Dental Tourism in Mexico: You will not regret your decision for choosing our Tijuana dental clinic, and our Mexico dentists for your dental tourism venture. Here is why we are the best dentists in Mexico.

1. We offer the best service. Our patient coordinator is an American. He can anticipate your needs and concerns, and he will make sure you are well taken care of. Jim is completely bi-lingual, and as an American, his English is perfect. Don’t worry about being able to make yourself understood, as not only do the dentist speak English, but Jim is always close at hand to make sure that there is good communication. We will take care of everything. We can arrange your transportation, make hotel reservations, and can even give you advice as to nice places to visit while you are waiting for your lab work to come back. We will give you the personal attention you need to make sure you have a good experience with dental tourism in Mexico.

2. We have best dentists in Mexico. Our dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry, and do general dentistry as well. We have one of the best dental implant dentists in Mexico. We only use board certified specialists for root canals, or oral surgery. Sam dental is a full service dental clinic, and can cover any dental treatment that you have need of, from smile makeovers, restorations, oral surgery, and dental implants in Mexico.

3. We have a modern and well equipped dental clinic. True, there are some poorly equipped dental clinics in run down facilities in the old downtown Tijuana, but Sam Dental is not a “hole in the wall” dental clinic. We have state of the art technology, and are in a beautiful, modern building that is located in the nicest part of Tijuana, the Zona Rio. We offer a guarantee for our dental work and dental prosthetics, and will repair or replace any defective dental work, here in our clinic.

Please choose Sam Dental as your dentist in Mexico, to supply your needs of dental tourism in Mexico. We promise to take very good care of you. Please fill out our contact form, and we’ll respond to any questions about dental tourism, and how it works to go to a dentist in Mexico. You’ll be glad you came to our Tijuana dentist office.