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Dental Implant

Every year, hundreds of US patients go to Sam Dental in Tijuana to get dental implants. These are titanium metal posts, which are surgically positioned...

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Dental Bridges

It’s normal to lose teeth—when you’re young. These are called baby teeth, and they’re meant to become loose to give way to the permanent ones.

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Root Canal

Our mouth is composed of various parts, such as nerves, blood vessels, teeth, and gums. When they are healthy, the gums don’t bleed, ..

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Welcome to Sam DENTAL

We treat each client with utmost respect, courtesy, professionalism, honesty, and confidentiality. We are very transparent with our procedures, even during consultations, and upfront with our charges. We make sure that you’re 100% aware of the process, you know how much to pay for, and set your expectations correctly. Our customer service staff is always available to answer your questions or address issues. We’re easy to reach throught phone or e-mail.

Sam Dental SC.


Dental Services

Our clinic takes pride in our comprehensive list of high-quality, reliable services, which include the following:


Treatment Price List Tijuana USA
Root Canal Therapy $265 - $295 $850 - $1,250
Dental Implant Placement $795 $2,250
Standard Finish Porcelain Crown $270 $750
Immediate Acrylic Denture $385 $825
E. Max Veneers $425 $1,150
Regular Cleaning $49 $150
White Composite Filling One Surface $65 - $85 $190
Exam and Evaluation $20 $120

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Sam Dental has always been proud of our affordable dental service. You will find that compared to the prices of dentists in the US, you can expect to save nearly 70% of the cost of dental treatments, by our dentists in Tijuana, Mexico. As proof, take a look at our price list with each service compared to U.S. charges

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